Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rural Change for America

So the White House is an exciting place these days. A new president who's agreed to tear out five acres of lawn and put in a farm. If I didn't like him already, this would have won me over.

And have you seen his plan for rural change?
Rural communities face numerous challenges but also economic opportunities unlike anything we have witnessed in modern history. President Obama and Vice President Biden believe that together we can ensure a bright future for rural America. They will help family famers and rural small businesses find profitability in the marketplace and success in the global economy.

Here's the highlights:
°Strong safety net for family farmers
°Prevent anticompetetive behavior against family farms
°Regulate CAFOs (confined animal feed lots) - this is going to stick in the USDA's craw. They've been sooo negligent about enforcing these regulations...
°Establish country of origin labeling
°Encourage organic and local agriculture
°Encourage young people to become farmers
°Partner with landowners to conserve private lands

I really like this one! Connect rural America by modernizing phone lines to provide affordable broadband coverage.

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