Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick Catch Up

I'm sure it's a cliché to say that I'm not sure where the last six weeks has gone.  I can look at my calendar and see events, one after the other.

There was the rest of Le Tour de Fleece, during which I spun everyday except for the two rest days and the last two days during which I had the flu and was trying to keep the entire world from spinning while I moaned on the couch.   I did spin for several days after to make up for the missing days, and have a lot to show for my efforts.

There was a mountain retreat to Forest City, filled with girlfriends, laughter, excellent food and, of course, more fiber and spinning. 

Riley was exhausted by it all.

At roughly 5000' and far away from light pollution, I felt compelled to use the stargazing app on my iTouch to identify many of the constellations.  I really like this application and have continued to use it at home to learn more about the night sky.

Then there was the always inspiring Nevada County Fair.  The local fiber guild hosts the woolen and woven entries at the fair each year, breaking up the duties amongst ourselves.  I didn't enter anything this year, having suffered an overdose of procrastination when it was time to register exhibits, but I did help receive all of the beautiful entries and then volunteered three nights of the fair to demonstrate spinning.  In other words, it's another excuse to hang out with girlfriends, gab and spin.  There may also have been some Lazy Dog ice cream involved, but I'm not telling.

Jocelyn also taught Mardi, Barbara Sue and I how to use the inkle looms, and now I'm thinking about what wonderful projects I might make. 

On the home front we've been doing winter prep.  It seems far away now, but we only have half a cord of wood, which means we need to keep harvesting.  We'll go through at least two cords, more if it's a nasty/early/cold winter.  We're also doing a few weatherizing improvements and getting fall vegetables transplanted into the garden.  I snugged starts of broccoli, red cabbage, brussel sprouts and parsley into the garden this morning, where the larger summer plants will help shade the new plants while they get their root systems established.