Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hen Update

First off, let me say thank you to the outpouring of encouragement, love and hugs from everyone. I didn't think I'd loose it over some chickens, but they are my babies and it mattered.

The remaining hen seems to be holding her own. We were worried that she wasn't eating or drinking enough, but then she let loose all over DH and it was the right consistency and amount, so that's a good sign. I put them in a box inside last night until we can get a better coop outside to protect the remaining birds.

It just breaks my heart though to see the remaining two birds so listless and nervous. It's akin to seeing a child lose it's innocence. The rooster is very protective of his remaining hen, and they are just aimlessly moving around in thier normal paths, none of their normal madcap intensity.

When DH went to move the chicken tractor that they normally live in, he found that something had dug under the edge of the cage. Perhaps one of the small foxes that lives near the river?

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