Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And then there were two?

So, something got three of our hens, and tore up the fourth hen, leaving me only the wounded hen and a rooster... I'm kinda upset this morning... Nothing to do at the moment though. Go to school, go to work, go to knit night. If DH warrants that the fourth hen isn't going to recover from her mauling then he will put her down this afternoon. Whoever remains will return to the back where the predators are less likely to come.

I'm, of course, questioning my wisdom in trying to do anything as it seems that everything keeps ending futilely. I haven't had much garden produce over the last three years due to various herbivores, and I'm desperately afraid something will happen this year too, despite the fencing. And my decision to go to grad school - maybe I'm not up for it and am making a foolish mistake. Maybe I'll feel better later. I wonder if it's too early for chocolate?

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Lynda said...

Hopes and prayers to the last hen, condolences on the others... Don't hesitate to be yourself and live you life when there are rough patches. It's understandable to be upset at viscous attack, sudden loss, and spoiled plans. It was a learning experience, a tragic one.
Would you change your life now, your direction now, when just last week everything was falling into place?

Don't loose heart, mourn your losses, feel stupid if need be, but continue with what you really want to do.

Remember The Mexican "when is enough enough?" it's not just true in love, but in life as well...

And it's NEVER too early for chocolate, it's late somewhere in the world.