Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birth of Goat - Part 2

So much for twins! Just one good size, sturdy boy.

It was a bit of a rough birth. There's was lots of goo (sorry Sharon) and then a foot, more goo, then a second foot. Troy was at her head, comforting and encouraging from that end. I tugged out one foot, then another, and then we got stuck for a bit. Finally a tongue, nose, big push and pull, and we had the head out. The rest of the body slides right out after that.

Sorry no pictures during this phase; we were kinda preoccupied! We hung the baby upside down to encourage draining of the amniotic fluid from it's mouth and nose, then onto the pad in front of mom. We helped mom clean up the baby, so that she spent less time cleaning and more time bonding. Also, if it were a cold day (and not over 100°F), this would minimize chilling time while wet.

The little guy was quick. Not even ten minutes and he was nuzzling for a teat. It took a bit of trying on his part - fingers, my pant cuffs, everything seemed like a good place to nuzzle, including my own dairy case. Sorry guy, no milk there. Up and standing and nursing within twenty minutes is excellent.

It's been an hour. The afterbirth is delivered, baby is dry, mom's had a treat, baby and has nursed and mom and baby are having some quiet time now. They are quietly talking to each other. It's really cute. The baby has the same white spot and lip markings as mamma.


Sharon said...

awwww. What a sweetie!

What will you name him?

Birdsong said...

Such good parents you were.. midwifing your sweet goat. You will have great fun with a kid in the barn.

Luci said...

Troy wants to call him Beaker, because he makes these little meep-meep sounds. (Think Muppets) I'm very open to suggestions.

Julie said...

I finally had time to see the baby!! What a doll :) It seems to have gone just like you told me, plus a little mess :)~ I will be watching for updates now and look forward to seeing you at the window...sbuxbarista julie