Thursday, April 9, 2009

Milking Meditation

I recently attended a meditation group, which I really liked, but found I was having trouble meditating everyday. Sitting and doing nothing is very challenging for me. It's how my parents punished me.

And then I got a dairy goat. I'm confined to a sitting position, and doing a fairly simple, repetitive motion with one hand. I must be calm or the goat is too restless to milk easily. This whole process takes about thirty minutes. Just enough of my brain is required to keep the hand motion consistent and the milk falling into the container, that there isn't a lot left over for other pursuits.

The mind becomes wonderfully quiet. I've read about walking meditation. So, if this is qualifies as a type of meditation, it must be milking meditation. I'm now a steadfast practitioner, thirty minutes twice per day.


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is feel good

Nancy Gift said...

I love this idea, that meditation is making something spiritual out of something routine.